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Adam Thornton's
The Banana is the Evolutionist

Our Banana Research Department decided to take a
closer look at this mysterious food.

The Banana is the Evolutionist's nightmare:

Think about this:
Shaped for the human hand

Has a non-slip surface

Color indicators tell you when to eat: green-too early, yellow-ripe,
black-too late.

It has a "pull tab" for removal of wrapper

Perforated on the wrapper

Bio-degradable wrapper

Shaped for the human mouth

Has a point at the top for easy mouth entry

Is pleasing to the taste buds

Plus it is curved towards the face to make the eating process

A simple banana tells us that fruit didn't just
evolve.  Other planets don't have food, plants,
trees, or beautiful flowers...because this world
was made for us by an Amazing God. He wants to
have a relationship with you.

If you want to learn more about how to know God personally:  Click here.
Source: Livingwaters.com - The Atheist Test
Want to Slice a Banana without Peeling it? (Quick Version)

Supplies: Banana, Toothpick

This old "appealing" stunt often uses a needle and thread to
pre-slice the banana, but that takes too long.  Here's a
super quick way.

Take a ripe banana and shove a toothpick into it.  Next
carefully move the toothpick from side to side (slicing the
inside of the banana).  Continue to slice the banana from
top to bottom.  Then share it with a friend who needs a

When your friend peels it, it will be pre-sliced!

Stay tuned for more experiments from ScienceSplat.com that will reveal there is
no evidence for evolution.  Adam Thornton Copyright 2011 ScienceSplat.com

Photo: Familyfungocom
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