"Making Science Splat~tacular!"
Adam Thornton's
Taco Sauce Magic

Get ready to clean those dirty pennies!

Supplies: Taco Packet Sauces, Dirty (or non-shiny) Coins (Pennys, Nickles, and Dimes).

What happens: Place the coins on a plate and squeeze the taco sauce all over them.
Smear it around with your fingers. Let it sit for 2 minutes and then wash the coins off. (even
if the coins look good - don't taste them). Notice how clean the pennies got? Why did the
other coins not get as shiny?

Explanation: The vinegar and salt work together to remove copper oxide from the pennies.
It may be time to open your own penny cleaning shop!

Object Lesson: I need a cleanin'
I've been thinking about the 10 commandments lately (the stone tablets God wrote on
Himself).  It was then I realized how many of God's Laws we have broken.  Think about it:
how many lies have you told? (9 commandment)  Have you always kept a day dedicated to
the Lord (4th commandment).  That's just 2 commandments...imagine if you examine them

The 10 commandments are so simple yet not one has kept them all...Romans 3:12 says
There is none who does good, no not one."

Oh no! That means we stand like filthy pennies before God.  Everyone has broken
God's Law. That means when God judges the world He will examine you to see if you're
innocent or guilty...and Revelation 21:8 says "All liars will have their part in the lake that
burns with fire.."

We're guilty...who can rescue us from eternal punishment in hell?  Thankfully God is still
rich in mercy and provided one way (John 14:6) to be forgiven of every sin.  He sent His
only Son to earth and He died on the cross willingly taking the punishment for your sin.

If you stole something and your friend was willing to pay for the crime...would you
let him?  If you don't let him you will certainly pay for your crime...in the same way
you must choose Jesus.
 Repent and turn from your sins.

Today will you pour your heart out to Him and thank Him for taking the punishment for your
sins.  It will make all the difference at the unexpected moment when you stand before Him.

Get right with God today - and then go to
LivingWaters and click on Save Yourself Some

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