"Making Science Splat~tacular!"
Adam Thornton's
Appear to freeze water in your hand.

Supplies: Splat Ice Cubes, Glass, Water, and Seeds.

What happens: Place a few Splat Ice Cubes into a glass of water and soak overnight.  The
next day you can use the Splat Cubes to appear to freeze water in your hand.  You can
also push seeds gently into the cubes and watch them germinate inside.

Explanation: These super absorbent polymers have an index of refraction similar to water
causing them to appear invisible.  Purchase now in the
Splat Shop.
1) Always have an adult

2) Always wear the correct
safety gear.

3) Never eat or drink
anything while performing

ScienceSplat Experiments
are safe to do when the
instructions are followed
correctly. Remember to
use common sense and
wear safety goggles.  
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ScienceSplat, and
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occurrence including, but
not limited to, damage,
injury, or death, which
might arise as
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assumed by the child's
guardian or experiment
supervisor.  Do these
experiments at your own
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