Have you always wanted to be Secret Agent?!
Secret Agents use Science everyday to spy, hide, and solve crimes.  Try some of these
experiments and see if you got what it takes!!!

Invisible Ink
Supplies: Lemon juice, paper, cotton swab, white paper, lamp, saucer, teaspoon
What happens: Squeeze the lemon juice onto the saucer.  Add a few drops of water and stir with the spoon.  Use
the swab to write a secret message on the white paper.  (The message will be invisible when it dries).  Pass the
secret message to a friend and have them heat the paper by holding it next to a light bulb. (Light bulbs get HOT!
Be Careful).
Explanation:  Lemon juice contains carbon. When you mix it with water it dissolves.  Heat turns it into black carbon.

Boom Bags! - Spies can use science to protect themselves!  Checkout boom bags on the experiment page!

Periscope - Need to see around corners? Want to know what's behind that wall?
You can make a periscope using a juice carton and a couple of mirrors!                                                                    
Homemade Periscope

Now go save the world one science experiment at a time!!!
"Making Science Splat~tacular!"
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copy clues or make a quick picture of
removed).  It will make a perfect copy
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