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Are you saved by doing good deeds? Isaiah 64:6 says your good
deeds are like filthy rags before the Lord.

QUIZ: Which doesn't lead to eternal life?
1: Nobody should seek his own good, but should strive to outdo
the good deeds of others.
2. Keep the commandments better than all around you, and you
will see the kingdom of God.
3. Do not forsake the meetings of the church, for therein you will
find salvation.
4. Believe in Jesus and bring a greater tithe into the storehouse
than your neighbor and you be saved and your household.
5. I have fought the good fight-finished the race - I have lived a
better life than anyone I know.
6. No one can see the kingdom of God, unless he is born again.
7. Unless you repent you will all likewise perish.

Answer below.

1-5 are fake...6 & 7 are correct.
#6 is John 3:3
#7 Luke 13:3

Quiz based on: "Don't check your brains at the door."

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