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Adam Thornton's
Marshmallows Under Pressure

Supplies: Marshmallows, Bottle, Fizz Pump.

What happens: Fill your bottle with 2/3 of water.  Drop several marshmallows into the bottle
and connect the fizz pump to the top and tighten.  Pump your bottle up with marshmallows
and watch what happens as pressure is added to the bottle.  Do you marshmallows shrink?  
Do the marshmallows sink any?  Now unscrew the fizz pump releasing the pressure...the
marshmallows will expand!

Explanation: Boyles Law states that as you increase pressure on a gas, its volume
decreases.  Notice that the marshmallows sink yet still weigh the same...this increases the
density of the marshmallows causing them to sink slightly!  When pressure is removed they
quickly grow back to their normal shape.
1) Always have an adult

2) Always wear the correct
safety gear.

3) Never eat or drink
anything while performing

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