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Check out the craters above on planet Mercury.  Do you know what
causes craters?  Falling space rocks called
asteroids crash into the
planets causing huge dents.  Scientists have been baffled when they
noticed not all parts of Mercury have craters...this seems impossible for
a planet that has existed millions or billions of years to have craterless

This however is another example that Mercury is not as old as some
may think...in fact the Bible teaches that God created the universe in
just six days and if we trace the years backwards it seems the earth is
thousands of years old...not millions.

The earth's moon also has areas missing craters (flat plains)...which is
amazing since the moon has nothing to protect it from crashing space
rocks.  If the moon was millions of years old...why are some areas
missing craters?  Some have suggested changes in the moon have
caused these flat plains...if so these flat plains should show up on all
sides of the moon.  These missing craters on the moon are more
evidence of a young moon.

Amazingly God has created a special way to protect planet earth from
many of the space rocks that fall to earth.  Our atmosphere causes most
of these space boulders, pebbles, and sand to burn up!

Would you like to make your own craters?

You can create your own craters using marbles and flour.
Supplies: Tray, Marbles, and Flour.

What happens: Head outside and pour some flour into your tray.  Now
drop your marbles at different heights into the flour.  (Small rocks also
work well.)  Without messing up your craters, try to take your pebbles
and marbles out.  Look at the kinds of shapes these falling items create.

If you drop a crazy shaped rock - does it still create a circular

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