"Making Science Splat~tacular!"
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2) Always wear the correct
safety gear.

3) Never eat or drink
anything while performing

ScienceSplat Experiments
are safe to do when the
correctly. Remember to use
common sense and wear
safety goggles.  Adam
Thornton, ScienceSplat, and
ScienceSplat affiliates
expressly disclaim all liability
for any occurrence
including, but not limited to,
damage, injury, or death,
which might arise as might
arise as consequences of
the use consequences of
the use of any experiments
online. All liability is
assumed by the child's
guardian or experiment
supervisor.  Do these
experiments at your own risk!

Supplies: Pack of Mentos, Diet Soda,  Piece of Paper (you will roll the paper into a tube and
drop the mentos inside), playing card.  Safety goggles.

What happens: When outside take the lid off the soda and set it on a flat surface. Roll a
piece of paper into a tube a little bigger than the mentos and tape the tube on the side.
Drop the mentos into the tube (not the soda yet) and hold the playing card on the bottom of
the tube to keep the mentos from falling out.  
Set the mentos tube and playing card at the opening of the soda bottle.  Pull the playing
card out and let all the mentos fall in at once…and run!!!  This exploding soda fountain can
shoot as high as 14 feet!
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