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(PLUS Make your own Ant Farm)
Did you know Scripture says that everyone knows in their heart
of hearts that there is a God? (Romans 1:20-22)  God's Creation
shows everyone in every language that there is a Creator...a
Supreme Designer.  

How can we know that Jesus is God?

Ant Pile?
Find an ant pile in your front yard...how would you convince those
ants you loved them?  You could tell them, but would they really
understand? You could drop food on them or near them, but
would they really know who gave it to them? (Whoops I
accidentally squished one!) You could even protect them, but
would they know you were the one protecting them?  How can
you show these ants how much you love them?  You could
become an ant.

In a similar way, God "did not regard equality with God a
thing to be grasped" (Philippians 2:6) so He came to earth in
the form of a man. Colossians 1:15 says "The Son is the
image of the invisible God..."

How could we ever understand a God that is limitless,
omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent?  How could we
understand how much God loves us?...through Jesus Christ!

Is Jesus God?
  • Miracles - Jesus himself said, "Believe Me that I am in
    the Father and the Father in Me, or else believe Me for
    the sake of the works themselves. (John 14:11)  Jesus
    did incredible miracles of healing the sick, restoring
    sight to the blind, making the lame walk, controlling the
    weather, resurrecting the dead.

  • History - History confirms Jesus.  Historians such as
    Josephus, B.C., A.D., and Scripture all point to Jesus.  
    Acts 26:26 says the things Jesus did were "not done in
    a corner."

  • Prophecy - The old testament is filled with verses
    predicting Christ's birth, death, and resurrection.  
    Sprinkled throughout Scripture from Genesis to
    Revelation we see God's plan for redeeming mankind
    that was fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  Visit: Prophecy

  • Resurrection - Frank Morison was determined to write a
    book to prove that Jesus resurrection was a lie.  All of
    the author's research led him to the conclusion he
    never wanted to accept: the Bible and history revealed
    that Jesus had risen from the dead. (author of Who
    Moved the Stone?)

Remember the ants at the beginning that we wanted to show
our love too?  God came to earth in the form of man to
show us he loved us.  History, prophecy, His resurrection,
and the miracles prove He existed and that He was God.

Would you like to make your own Ant Farm?

(Warning: Ants bite and may cause pain, ants climb, and ants need oxygen
holes small enough they cannot climb through.  Make sure the ant farm is
not where little children could get hurt.)

Supplies: Clear container with a lid (jars work well), dirt,  
construction paper, tape, cotton ball, and a small shovel.

Instructions: Fill a large jar 1/2 to 3/4 with soil you get from
outside.  Next wrap construction paper around the jar to
hide the ant area from the sun. (You can remove the paper
every now and then to observe the ant tunnels.) Carefully
poke tiny holes to allow air into the jar - remember you want
small holes to that the ants cannot fit through.

Ants: Once you build your ant farm it is time to add ants.  
Finding them is usually not too difficult...the tricky part is to
keep them from biting you.  Find an ant mound and using
your shovel carefully scoop some into your ant farm.  
Quickly close the lid and move away from the ant mound.

Food: You can give your ants a drip of honey, sugar, or a
damp cotton ball every few days.  They also enjoy tiny
amounts of fruits/vegetables.  Too much food/water and the
ant farm will grow mold.

If you want to learn more about how to know God personally:  Click here.   
Stay tuned for more experiments from ScienceSplat.com that will show how
unique Jesus Christ is.  Adam Thornton Copyright 2011 ScienceSplat.com
Photo: mylittleantfarm.blogspot.com
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