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Adam Thornton's
Does the Bible teach evolution?

Some Christians wonder if God used evolution to create
critters and such...but let's compare the evolutionary
thinking with Genesis teaching:

Evolution says:                        Genesis says:

A close examination of Genesis shows there is certainly a
difference between the order evolutionists suppose and what the
Bible teaches.

If you can't trust what the Bible plainly says about creation, how
can you trust what the Bible says about anything else? The good
news is the Bible is God's Word to mankind and we can trust it!

2 Timothy 3:16 says: "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God,
and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for
instruction in righteousness."

Remember what Dr. Gary Parker says, "Evolution  is time and
chance.  God is plan and purpose."

Table from: The New Answers Book 1, Ken Ham, pg 284 - 285

Can you draw the Six days of Creation?
Pull out your paper and draw a picture of what God created each
day in Creation.
Supplies: Paper, Markers, and a Bible.

Day 1:___________________________

Day 2:___________________________

Day 3:___________________________

Day 4:___________________________

Day 5:___________________________

Day 6:___________________________

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God is one Amazing Creator.  Copyright 2011 ScienceSplat.com

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Sun before earth
Earth before sun
Dry land before sea
Sea before dry land
Atmosphere before sea
Sea before atmosphere
Sun before light on earth
Light on earth before sun
Stars before earth
Earth before stars
Earth at same time as planets
Earth before other planets
Sea creatures before land plants
Land plants before sea creatures
Earthworms before starfish
Starfish before earthworms
Land animals before trees
Trees before land animals
Death before man
Man before death
Thorns and thistles before man
Man before thorns and thistles
TB pathogens & cancer before man
(dinosaurs had TB and cancer)
Man before TB pathogens and cancer
Reptiles before birds
Birds before reptiles
Land mammals before whales
Whales before land animals
Land mammals before bats
Bats before land animals
Dinosaurs before birds
Birds before dinosaurs
Insects before flowering plants
Flowering plants before insects
Sun before plants
Plants before sun
Dinosaurs before dolphins
Dolphins before dinosaurs
  Pterosaurs before land reptiles
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