Marshmallow Wars!

Run for cover and look out for flying marshmallows!

Supplies: Shoe Box, Spoons, Rubber Bands, Tape, and Marshmallows.

What happens: Design a catapult which can shoot marshmallows far and accurate.

Explanation: Scientists often have to solve problems...bring these supplies to the kitchen
table and start building.  Wear safety goggles while at war.

Types of Catapults
The different types of Catapults used in the Middle Ages included:

  • The Ballista - The Ballista was similar to a Giant Crossbow and worked by using

  • The Trebuchet - The massive Trebuchet consisted of a lever and a sling and was
    capable of hurling stones weighing 200 pounds with a range of up to about 300 yards

  • The Mangonel - Missiles were launched from a bowl-shaped bucket at the end of
    the one giant arm of the Mangonel

  • The Springald - A type of Ballista

  • The Onager - A type of Mangonel
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