1) Always have a parent

2) Always wear the correct
safety gear.

3) Never eat or drink
anything while performing

ScienceSplat Experiments
are safe to do when the
instructions are followed
correctly. Remember to
use common sense and
wear safety goggles.  
Adam Thornton,
ScienceSplat, and
ScienceSplat affiliates
expressly disclaim all
liability for any occurrence
including, but not limited
to, damage, injury, or
death, which might arise
as consequences of the
use of any experiments
online. All liability is
assumed by the child's
guardian or experiment
supervisor.  Do these
experiments at your own
"Making Creation Splat~tacular!"
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Have you ever used that spray stuff that keeps the bugs away?
What if we could find something like that for sin?...like a magic spray to keep us from sinning. I think I’d call
it: “SINLESS!”

Hmmm, well... while we still have our earthly bodies we still sometimes sin. Followers of Jesus are forgiven
for our sins, but there are still consequences to our sins; so it would be best if we could keep our sinning to
a minimum.

You can with our new “SINLESS!” Just $19.95 and spray your sins away...just kidding!

Actually Psalm 119:11 tells us how to keep our sinning to a minimum: “Your word I have hidden in my
heart, that I might not sin against You.”

If you play outside without wearing bug spray you’ll probably get bitten by lots of mosquitoes; and in the
same way when you go to school or work or spend time in the world sin will constantly try to sting you.

Psalm 119 says to “hide the Word in your heart” and by reading, studying, and memorizing God’s Word
you will be putting on your daily bug spray. Pull out God’s awesome Word everyday and practice
memorizing a verse with your family. Will you hide God’s Word in your heart?

Now lookout!...there’s a bug flying toward you!

Remember Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except
through Me. John 14:6

SPLAT Bug Catcher

Supplies: A 2 liter empty bottle, Scissors, homemade bug bait (cheese, crumbs,

How to make it: Carefully cut around the bottle and turn the top upside down.  The
top will act as a funnel to catch and trap your bugs.  Place a small amount of food
in the bottom to attract the insects.

You can try placing your bug trap outside or dig a hole for it for even more exciting
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