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"Making Science Splat~tacular!"
Adam Thornton's
revealed, "Where did this universe and all that we see come from?"

The Bible tells us in simple terms from the beginning of Genesis to the last
book Revelation that all was created by God.  Yet modern scientists now tell
us that all that we see somehow formed out of "nothingness" that exploded.

These two views of the origin of the universe are in direct contradiction with
each other.  

Consider the following evidence against the Big Bang that these scientists
expect you to overlook:

  • Nothingness cannot pack together.
  • If a vacuum has no density (in fact the opposite of density) how could it
  • Nothingness has no "ignition" to cause nothingness to explode.
  • Even if "nothingness" could be pulled together...how could a force overcome
    the force that pulled it together? There is no force to expand it.
  • Nothingness cannot produce heat.

Assuming an explosion could even happen:

  • How would particles unite that were flying in all directions?
  • There is NO friction in outer space which means these particles would
    continue at the same speed forever.
  • There is not even a way for these flying particles to change direction! They
    would only get further and further apart.
  • Atoms could never form their complex structures traveling in this way.

Assuming that contrary to physical laws these particles could unite forming atoms,
how could they form gas clouds since:

  • Gas in outer space does NOT clump together.
  • No gas on earth clumps together. (Gas pushes apart!)
  • Gas is even less likely to clump together in space.

Assuming clouds could somehow slow down, change direction to unite, and form
gas clouds.  How could they form stars?:

  • Gas clouds don't have enough force to contract to form stars.
  • There is not enough matter in gas clouds to produce stars.
  • Gas clouds in outer space expand - they do not contract.

Remember our question at the beginning?  What was the first miracle of
Jesus?  His first miracle was in Colossians 1:15-16 - now go look it up and
see if you were right!

There are many more evidences proving the Big Bang is a bust...check them out at:

This article is based on The Evolution Handbook"(2005 ed.), pg 68-78

The Self Inflating Balloon

Supplies: Balloons of various sizes, vinegar, baking soda, measuring spoon and a
baby's nose sucker (also known as a snot sucker).  

Directions:  Get a partner and have him/her hold your big balloon open as wide as
they can get it.  Carefully fill it up with baking soda using the measuring spoon (the
more the better).  Now pour some vinegar in a cup and fill the nose sucker up with

The next part needs to happen fast: Carefully shove the end of the nose sucker into
the balloon and squeeze some vinegar (your partner can pinch the neck of the
balloon to keep vinegar from squeezing out.)  Quickly tie the balloon and watch the
balloon inflate.

Explanation: Baking soda and vinegar react together forming carbon dioxide.

If the experiment drives you too crazy try
Balloon Blimp.

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Stay tuned for more experiments from ScienceSplat.com that will demonstrate
God created everything: visible and invisible.    Adam Thornton Copyright 2011