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Supplies: Balloons, Vinegar, Baking Soda, Funnel, and a Bottle.

What happens: Using the funnel put baking soda into the balloon.  Next fill the bottle up
1/4th with vinegar.  Attach the balloon (without pouring any baking soda in just yet) to the
top of the bottle.  Bring your friends around and slowly tilt the balloon up and watch it inflate.

Explanation: Baking soda and vinegar cause a chemical reaction that creates carbon
dioxide.  The balloon quickly inflates.  (Carbon dioxide is actually heavier than air.)

Spiritual Application:

You can tie this Science Object Lesson to talk about God's ability to work all things out for
the good of those who love Him.  Point out that the bottle represents the Christian who
goes though tough times.  Vinegar is an acid and represents the bitter times of life: failing a
test, losing a friend who moved away, or a pet getting lost can make you very sad.  The
baking soda is a base and represents God's sovereignty and ability for Him to work things
out and grow you during these tough times as He prepares you for your heavenly home.  
This amazing reaction produces air which causes the balloon to expand...God sometimes
allows tough things in our lives, but amazingly He can use it for our benefit and grow us.  
Even in tough times we can rejoice in Him...because we know someday there will no longer
be anything bad or sad!  AT
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