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Can you balance 12 nails on one nail head?  Yes!

Supplies: 13 nails the same size.

What happens: Place one nail sideways and lay 5 nails on top in one direction.  Next lay 5
nails the opposite direction.  Then place another nail on top.  (this nails holds them all in
place when you pick them up.)  Slowly pick the the two sideways nails by the ends.  Have a
friend hold the 13th nail while you place the nail artwork (in the middle) on top of it.

Explanation: The center of gravity is important to almost everything...you couldn't ride a
bike without it.  It's the average location of all the weight of an object.  Car engineers,
tightrope walkers, and even athletes must all be aware of their center of gravity.

safety gear.

3) Never eat or drink
anything while performing

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