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Almost any museum you go to will tell you dinosaurs existed millions of
year ago and before mankind.  Scientists who believe in
evolution (remember macro evolution is not supported by scientific data)
have stated dinosaurs lived long before humans in order to fit these
creatures into their macro evolution worldview.  

Have you ever wondered if humans and dinosaurs existed at the
same time?

In Genesis 1:24-27 we read that God created the land animals and
humans on the same day.  A creationist has no problem believing
humans and dinosaurs existed at the same time based on this Bible

But what about evidence?
Remember in "Make Dino Bones" we discovered scientists have found
flexible tissue inside of dinosaur bones they were excavating.  In fact in
Montana both blood vessels and blood cells were found inside of a
dinosaur bone.  This indicates dinosaurs are not old as some thought.

Are there any other indications dinosaurs lived at the same time as
Click on this image from www.bible.ca that shows a petroglyph of a
dinosaur looking creature.

These drawings have been dated prior to the year 500 A.D. and were
drawn by the Anasazi inhabitants at the Natural Bridges National
Monument in Utah.  A close examination appears to show both a
dinosaur (sauropod dinosaur) and a man.  Click the photo to see it up
close.  If scientists didn't even know this type of dinosaur existed until
the 1840s...how could man have drawn it ages ago?  They must have
seen it themselves or heard about it from someone who had seen it.

Other petroglyphs have been found that are worth researching:

Hava Supai Canyon in Arizona
(replica of a petroglyph found here resembling a dinosaur)

San Rafael Reef in Utah - the drawing below resembles a

How could a human have drawn these?...this artist must have
seen them or heard about it from someone who had seen them.

Stay tuned for more experiments from ScienceSplat.com that will share evidences of
dinosaurs being much younger than many expected.  
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Click to see this dino bigger.

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