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~Southlake, Grapevine,
Keller, Trophy Club,
(Nights and Weekends)
Libraries, Assemblies,
Please make checks
payable to:
Adam Thornton

Adam is an award winning
performer and has
performed for birthday
parties, Grapefest,
bookstores, hospitals,
churches, children's
festivals, and other events.
Don't just get an
entertainer...get an
Educational Entertainer!

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Adam Thornton's
Research with a  triple minor in Christian School Teaching,
Sacred Humanities, and Specialized Ministries.   He is the

Right: Passing out tracts with two
awesome helpers. (The Splat family enjoys
passing out Good News tracts on weekends
at the mall.)

Splat used SplatShop proceeds to purchase
new blankets to give out downtown when it
gets cold (does that happen in Texas?) with
fresh sandwiches made by our miniature lab

What is the purpose of ScienceSplat?  Object Lessons to share
the Good News and teach important Character Traits...

Everyone has broken God's Law and will stand before their
Maker and be judged yourself to each of
the 10 commandments to find out if you are going to be
innocent or guilty... (all are guilty).  

Even though we are all GUILTY and we all deserve eternal
punishment, God is also rich in mercy and doesn't want anyone
to suffer eternally.  He sent His Son Jesus Christ to earth
where he lived a perfect life, died on a cross, and paid your
penalty...IF you will let Him pay your penalty. Would you take
some time today to let God know you want Him to take your
penalty? Turn from your sin and follow Christ today.

Feeding the homeless is important. They are so grateful for
anything old or new...Uh oh! An argument (pic 1) just broke out:
calm down friends!

Creation Station was created to help lead families to a
better understanding of our Creator.  Does it matter whether
"Evolution" or a literal "Creation" is true? When did dinosaurs
exist...was it really millions of years ago? Is there evidence the
world was really covered by a worldwide flood?  ScienceSplat
will continue to address these important issues.

If you like the website it is crucial to share it and pray for
Adam's direction.  Remember to tell others about us (super
easy to like our
facebook page).  

Join me in these final days to find creative ways to share Jesus
Christ and help kids learn important character traits.

The "Imagination Station" is our #1 show and features Magical
Illusions that teach
healthy habits and character traits with
Splat-tacular tricks and comedy: Fluffy the Frog teaches
friendship, Bling Bunny demonstrates it's what's on the inside
that counts, and check out the demo video below of the Smile
Make your event extra special: Click for Pricing

You won't stop laughing when our special guest: Nigel the
Nasty Pig teaches us the importance of cleanliness or Oliver
the Eight Foot Escape Octopus teaches courage. Your child
will be the star of the show!

Adam has performed at Grapefest, Bookstores, Festivals &

Pirates and Princesses
Arrrrrrgh! It a Pirate event or Halloween alternative!
Have the kids dress up as a Pirate or Princess and get ready
for an amazing magic show featuring a Pirate & Princess
theme. Peg Leg Pete disappears, watch a Treasure Chest
Test, & the Princess Royal Jewels get stolen!

The 7 C's Illusion Show
Perfect for Churches, Church Events! This show is action
packed with 45 - 60 minutes of fun teaching Creation,
Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and

Lots of audience involvement as we present wacky illusions
that bring the Bible to life.

Principles of Spiritual Growth
Often performed the second day of your special event! PLUS
during the finale we travel back in time with an audience'll laugh hard while learning!!

Special Weekend? VBS? Revival?  We often perform the 7 C's
on Friday Night and then our Principles of Spiritual
. (At the end we travel back in time!)  Click for Pricing.

Our Wacky
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Show includes Stunts and
Illusions that teach kids how to make smart choices and care
for their environment. We'll turn Trash to Treasure, hatch frog
eggs, and learn how to become a Recycle Hero. Take a look at
a sample of this 45 minute show:
Please make checks
payable to:
Adam Thornton

email: for
show questions.
~Show Info Below~
#1 Faith Show: The 7 C's Show ~ Illusions
#2 Faith Show: Principles of Spiritual Growth
#3 Faith Show: The Amazing Bible
Pirate and Princess Show
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Illusion Show
Serving: Southlake, Grapevine, Trophy Club,  Keller, Roanoke

What Splat

For I am not ashamed of
the gospel of Christ, for it
is the power of God to
salvation for everyone who
believes. Romans 1:16

Above: Ken Ham President
of Answers in Genesis and
Adam Thornton.
~Scroll Down for Show Info Below~